I’ve been collecting my thoughts because I have a lot of feelings but I always do and I seldom organize them in a way that is satisfying to me.

I just took a personality test and the results were paramount. Any ENTP folks out there? I need reassurance that I’m not going to end up hated by everyone I meet for the rest of my life.

Current feelings: relieved, confused, bitter, angry, jealous, anxious, ashamed, conflicted, melancholy, nostalgic, hopeless

I feel like I fade in and out of awareness of what’s happening around me. I can just exist and coast without taking any action towards anything in my life for months at a time.

I’m gonna shut up. I’ll be around.

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Good day.

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sawdadi asked: hey darling. I swear, if you wrote a memoir (or just like a collection of your feelings about [your] life , etc) , I'd definitely buy it! I'm sure in not the only one who feels this way & this probably isn't your first time hearing it - but still, please consider it! it could be a nice source of income, too !

Wow I never though of it that way. Ironically last night my boyfriend was saying he would like to see me produce a body of work more worthy of my skills than here. So let’s see!

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Even at my worst, I’m settling.

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